Places to visit in Krabi

1.5-day self-guided tour

 The province of Krabi is located in the south of Thailand, and if you are going to Phuket or to Malaysia, it is worthwhile to call in for 1-2 days.
The name of the area is not related to crabs, but comes from the Thai word “sword”.
Here is quiet, nice and clean, there are few people, and road markings and traffic lights are small works of art.

The best transport to take is a rental motorbike. The average price is 200 ($ 6.5) per day. They usually keep your passport while rental period. We took a motorbike in our hotel.

The excursion plan for motorbike (all sights are marked on the map)

Day 1 (evening Promenade)

1. Klong Jirad Pier area

Here is the ferry to Phi Phi island, from there you can swim up to Phi Phi Le island, on which legendary film “The Beach” (1999) with Leonardo DiCaprio was made. But even if you do not configured to find an utopian commune, you can come to the Pier to enjoy the surrounding area: altars, mangrove forests, huge warship.

Track time: 25 minutes for walk and making photos.

2. Wat Sai Thai Temple (The Temple of Lying Buddha)

The entrance to the territory of the Temple is free, but you need to wear appropriate (closed) clothes. Here, in addition to the Buddha, there are altars in a cave, Museum and impressive tree with Bell.

Track time: 15-20 minutes.

3. Night Market

Bread and circuses are here! Walking Street has a huge number of shops with street food, from the land of 10 baht per piece (that’s $ 0.32) to fruit neckties of 30 ($ 1). Music is heard from everywhere – local people perform and dance for a donation between souvenir and gastronomic shops. In the center of the market there is a karaoke concert on the huge stage. Leaders said that everyone can sing, if he wants. Dictum factum, we went for ukulele, and Masha played a couple of songs.

Track time: 1 hour.

Day 2 (physically active)

1. A short-time wild hiking to a viewpoint

This route was suggested to us by Russian travellers. First, you need to find the Monkey trail between Centara Grand Beach Resort and Golden Beach Resort. In the middle of the trail you will notice a path up through the bamboo thickets. The thickets cast a shadow that saves a little from the heat. Comfortable shoes (sneakers) are required, here and there you will have to apply the minimum skills of climbing (clambering, holding on to the trees), and the way is slippery (sandy).

Monkey trail
The beginning of the path
View from under the cliff

Track time: 1 hour (for ascent and descent) + time for photographing.

2. The Tiger Temple

The impressive temple complex is under a claw-like rock.
The entrance is free, but you can donate, as usual. Or drop a coin to come back.

Not far from the sacred place there is the “cleansing path” – 1237 steps to the huge statue of Buddha on the mountain. They say that the Buddha himself left a mark on the path. Upstairs you reach stunning panoramic views of the mountains and Krabi province.

Enormous Buddha on the top

The climb up the stairs – the only way up – took us 45 minutes. Along the way you meet many monkeys and people. Along the stairs the bells are placed, on the middle of the ascent there is a playground with a toilet. At the very top there is the tap with drinking water.

One Thai guy felt bad on the viewing platform (it was hot, about 35 degrees). He was lying surrounded by his friends, and the guys from the ambulance were climbing the stairs – while going down we met them with a stretcher somewhere around 200 steps.

First aid workers with a stretcher

A monkey invites us to a wonderland (another ascent). We refused
Most likely, barbed wire is a protection from monkeys

By the way, there are free bathrooms with showers downstairs, which is very useful after hiking.

Track time: 1,5 hours (1 hour for climbing and descent, 30 minutes break on the observation deck).

3. Cascade waterfalls Huai To & Wang Tewada

Ticket price: 100 THB (3.2 $) per person + 20 THB ($ 0.6) for motorbike parking.
Working hours: 8.00 am – 6.00 pm. Tickets are sold until 4.30 pm.

Information table

A comfortable staircase leads to the first series of waterfalls

Waterfalls are shallow, diving here will not work, but you can relax in natural baths.

Huai To Waterfall
Wang Tewada Waterfall. It is farther and higher along the path
Wang Tewada Waterfall. We are alone here
Description of the hiking trail. We did not have time to go, but you go 🙂

Track time: 1,5 hours.

Have a good walk!

P.S. A movie for inspiration: “The Beach” (1999).


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