First-Time Diving In Malaysia

Detailed report on our PADI diving studying on Perhentian island 

At the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, more than two thousand unexplored ships are buried, flooded by pirates during the Gold Rush. Holds of English and Spanish sailboats are lying under water filled with treasures from Terra Nova surrounded by octopuses and cubes-cubes.

An available for tourists option is visiting ships drowned in more “convenient” way or / and willfully flooded, to the delight of divers.

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Goodbye, Home

Preparing for a world tour is an incredibly long process. We sell things, distribute them to friends, take them to parents, put them on the street in large packages for the joy of dubious personalities.
And things still do not come to an end.
But the couches have already been dismissed, and today we are sleeping on the floor. This inspires hope.